• APRIL 30, 2014

    Why childhood immunisations are so important

    We are here to educate and support parents on making their decision to immunise their children – here are five good reasons why childhood immunisations are so important! Immunisations can save your child’s life – due to advances in medical science, your child can be protected against more disease than ever before! Vaccination is safe

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    • APRIL 28, 2014

    Preventative healthcare helps us all

    Thanks to medical research – people are now living much longer than they used to! While expanding your life span is good, it is only as good as the quality of life you are living. Many of the elderly have chronic conditions that overwhelm their daily activities or they get diseases repeatedly, which ultimately results

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    • APRIL 22, 2014

    Antenatal shared care

    Did you know two of our general practitioners are accredited antenatal  shared care providers! This means that a woman’s pregnancy care can be shared between the Royal Women’s (Parkville/Sandringham) or Frankston Hospital and Dr Aleksandra Dodic. Shared maternity care is a popular option of care for healthy women with a normal pregnancy. The benefits of shared

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