Aspendale Clinic respects the privacy of all patient information which includes medical records, appointment records and financial records.

The Doctors will not disclose any medical information to any person other than the patient concerned without written or verbal consent.

Reception and clerical staff will not divulge any appointment or accounting information to others other than the patient concerned. Please be aware if relatives are inquiring about your personal records, you will need to give the Clinic written consent before we are able to release information to relatives.

We realise this may be inconvenient at times, but it is essential that we protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient records.

  • Our services

    • New patients welcome
    • Antenatal shared care with Frankston and Sandringham Hospitals
    • Bulkbilling for health care card holders, pensioners and children under 15
    • Highly qualified, professional and friendly staff
    • Childhood and travel immunisations
    • Health assessments for children and adults
    • Flexible appointment availabilities for children and emergencies
    • Home visits and care of patients in nursing homes
    • Chronic disease management
    • Family planning services
    • Check-ups
    • Preventative medicine advice
    • Health education