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Fluoxetine is a good antidepressant, which belongs to the group of selective inhibitors of neuronal serotonin reuptake.

Medication: Fluoxetine
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When answering the question “Where can I buy cheap Fluoxetine online?”, You may be upset – a prescription from a doctor is required to purchase. No one will sell the drug to you without a prescription, since it belongs to psychotropic drugs.

Instructions for use

Fluoxetine blocks the return of serotonin to neuronal synapses (where nerve cells connect to each other). As a result, the content of this mediator (a substance involved in the transmission of nerve impulses) in the connecting elements increases significantly, therefore, over a long time period, it manages to influence the postsynaptic areas, causing characteristic changes. This is manifested:

  • Stimulating effect on the nervous system;
  • Improved mood;
  • Activation of mental processes;
  • Suppression of anxiety and concern;
  • Decreased appetite, ultimately leading to weight loss.

In addition to inhibiting serotonin uptake in the nervous tissue, fluoxetine has a similar effect on platelets, reducing their aggregation (gluing) ability. This positive action helps prevent thrombosis in patients at risk. But as the main therapeutic effect, this property is not used, it is a “pleasant” addition to antipsychotic effects.

An important advantage of this antidepressant is the lack of sedation. Therefore, Fluoxetine can be used by persons engaged in precision work, requiring attention:

  • Drivers;
  • Jewelers;
  • Aircraft industry, etc.

Taking the drug can lead to side effects. They are polysystemic, i.e. able to affect any system of the body. Clinically expressed by the following conditions:

  • Manic pursuit;
  • Tendency to suicide;
  • Dizziness;
  • Trembling;
  • Convulsions;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Increased salivation;
  • Violation of the heart rhythm;
  • urinary retention or incontinence;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Allergic rashes.

Therefore, any discomfort and deviations in habitual behavior during treatment with Fluoxetine is a need to consult a doctor. Such patients may need to adjust the dose of the antidepressant or change it to another drug.

Where can you buy

You can buy Fluoxetine online upon presentation of an electronic prescription from a doctor, or its high-resolution scanned copy. You can try to save money by looking for cheaper pills with the same active ingredient. You can buy generic Fluoxetine under the following names:

  • Portal;
  • Prodep;
  • Fluval;
  • Framex;
  • Fluxonil, etc.

Cheap Fluoxetine is sold online at almost any pharmacy after a doctor’s prescription. If you have difficulties with purchasing it online, you can always contact a regular pharmacy. They can help you find cheap Fluoxetine after giving a doctor’s prescription.